The Importance Of A Professional CV

When you’re applying to jobs, the most important thing is definitely your CV. Your CV is the first impression you give potential employers and it’s what they use to determine whether you should be called in for an interview or not. When you send your CV in to professional recruitment services for them to send to employers, your CV is very important to stand out from the competition in order to land a good position. Make sure your CV is the best that it possibly can be before sending it off anywhere.

If you’re unsure what makes a good CV, the summary of it is to keep it short and sweet. Avoid long paragraphs. Instead, make use of lists. For example, have a clear timeline of your previous positions with your responsibilities being summarized in bullet points underneath each heading. The only paragraph you should try to have in your CV is a short introductory paragraph, no longer than four or five sentences stating what positions you’re interested in and what your goals are in relation to your career. Avoid writing paragraphs describing each individual job you’ve had, especially if you’ve had many. Potential employers will be most interested in what experience you gained and how long you were employed in each position.

Be sure to include references for them to contact. When you apply for a job, let all your references know that they might be receiving a call so that they can be prepared and have good things to say about you. Never add someone as a reference without asking them if this is okay first, this can lead to awkward phone calls and will not count in your favor at all. You could also pay somebody to create a professional CV.