Did you know that your sunscreen is doing a great deal of harm to the Great Barrier Reef?

The Great Barrier Reef is one of those last remaining great and natural wonders of the world. Why would it be one of the last remaining wonders of the world? It is because a great many eco-systems across the world have been decimated by the ongoing specter of global warming and climate change. These are no natural wonders. In fact, they are quite terrifying at times. This also depends on which side of the world you are living.

On the one hand, you are faced with severe droughts and water shortages. On the other, you have already become quite accustomed to seasonal, and yet still unpredictable hurricanes. The Great Barrier Reef is still considered to be a national treasure of Australia, but one has to wonder though. Not enough is being done to preserve this essential but fragile and crumbling eco-system. Australia’s natural wonders are under severe threat. Australians continue to deal with runaway fires and floods.

Most of these disasters are not natural at all. They are man-made. Tragically, many of them are caused through ignorance. For instance, who would have believed that after taking great care of your own skin, you would be damaging coral reefs across the world? You can reverse that unwitting practice immediately by switching to a reef friendly sunscreen. Still taking good care of your own skin and health, you can also take care of fragile and threatened natural wonders.

As things stand now, the bleaching and consequential dying of coral reefs is a worldwide problem. It cannot be allowed to continue because these coral reefs are essential to allow for humankind’s own survival. Humankind relies on sea life which, in turn, relies on these reefs.